Standard Extras


Neewer X12 Aluminum Alloy Teleprompter with Remote App Control, Compatible with iPad, iOS/Android Tablet, Smartphone, DSLR Camera, All Metal Construction.

Color Gels

The kit contains one piece of 15 different colors to add bold color onto backgrounds, dance areas & set pieces. Useful flesh tone colors for use on actors & models.

360 Product Turntable Display

Smart turntable that allows you to create high quality 360deg. photos easily to make the unique images for online stores, blogs, websites, etc.

7ft Air Cushioned Stand

Simple solid locking system. Will not shake during use, keeping all your gear safe for mounting strobe lights, monolight, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes & other photographic equipment.

Apple Boxes

The ultimate multi-taskers, & are used for propping up furniture & light stands, for leveling camera dolly track, or to provide temporary seats, workbenches, or stepladders. Made of high-quality birch plywood.

48 in. Octa Softbox

Softbox, External Diffuser, Internal Diffuser, Eggcrate Grid, Bowens Mount Speedring Adapter, Reversible Deflector Disk. Quick & EZ Lock system. Slick mechanism glides smoothly along the shaft.

16 in. x 48 in. Softbox

The extreme rectangular shape features flattering, soft & rich color lighting with all the great advantages of plume softbox quality with an unbeatable safe & sure EZ positive & lock system.

60 in. Octa Quick Softbox

60-inch diameter Quick Softbox is especially suitable for everything from fashion to portraiture, illuminating an entire person & small groups with smooth, nonetheless, exciting light.

12 in. x 56 in. softbox

Quick Softbox for fashion to portraiture, commercial photography to internet sales, illuminating an entire person & small items with a dramatic exciting light. It is the standard in every photographer collection of tools.

60 in.

White Parabolic Umbrella with Removable Silver/Black Layer 60″ gives an even, diffused lighting effect with soft shadow definition. This umbrella sets a new high standard for portable light control for people & subjects.

Reflector Panel

This 35x70in kit adds the awesome power of reflected light to transform an ordinary lit subject into a multi light solution. Reflectivity is a light shaping tool that gives the element of exquisite control to any photographer.

Low Floor
Light Stand

60-inch diameter Quick Softbox is especially suitable for everything from fashion to portraiture, illuminating an entire person & small groups with smooth, nonetheless, exciting light.

Light Weight 60 in. tripod

Quick-release plate. Standard 1/4″ Screw. Easy installation for DSLR, digital camera, action camera, etc, ( max load 6.6LB). The built-in bubble leveler contributes to exact horizontal alignment.

Light Weight Multipurpose stand

7-foot light stand with adjustable height (2.8ft to 6.7ft). 1/4-inch screw tip. Can hold standard lights, strobe flash lights, & backgrounds 7-pound maximum load capacity.

RODE Mic & Stand

Features the same revolutionary acoustic design as our NTG5 broadcast shotgun microphone, which delivers unmatched transparency & a natural uncolored sound.

Pivo Phone Follow & Stand

The Pivo Pod Red offers multiple shooting modes to power your creativity. You will have access to modes like Panorama, Versus Mode, Double Take, Many Me, Tiny Planet & Clone Trail. Comes with tripod.

Video Fluid Head Tripod

Extends to 66in via the quick clamping system. The 100mm bowl fluid head provides smooth & stable movement for larger cameras. The fluid head also illuminates for dark situations.

RGB Popup Squares

Bi-color RGB LED Light 216 LED beads with 3200K-5600K adjustable color temperature, dimming range from 0-100%, highly CRI 97+ can restore the real & natural color of the portraits & objects.

RGB Wand - Small

CCT & RGB lamp beads on other side. 147 cold white & warm white lights, 44 RGB high-quality LED. CCT mode 2500K-8500K, 1530° Full colors. RGB & HSI 2 color modes, hue, brightness & saturation.

RGB Wand - Large

120cm full color RGB LED Video Light, through APP with mobile phone or tablet. Switch various scene modes with easy operation.

C-stands heavy duty

10′ C Stand for lights & modifiers. Kit features a 10′, 2 tier spring loaded riser column with baby pin on top. Removable turtle self lock base legs, 2 aluminum 3.0″ grip heads & a 40″ extension boom arm.

rolling stands heavy

Heavy duty Junior Pin (1 1/8”) devices in the socket receiver. Wide stance guarantees stability & center of gravity to support the most challenging lighting gear as heavy as 60 pounds.

wheel dolly lifts (5000ibs max)

5200Lb. Max Vehicle Weight Ultra Mobile Self-Loading Dolly is designed for instant placement. No jack needed.

fovitec shooting table sweep

Photography shooting table offers a clean white backdrop for professional product photos. Reduces editing time with a sheer, white diffuser, which blurs & smooths out imperfections on white backgrounds.

automated slider & remote

Controlled by Bluetooth APP support Time-lapse or Video Shoot with Android/iOS system smartphones. Simple interface. Slider designed for video recording & time-lapse photography.

XPLOR 600 TTL Strobe Flash & trigger

High performance 5600½K COB* LED blast of daylight. 180 watts of aggressive LED raw energy that illuminates like no other single head fixture. Includes long-range wireless 2.4GHz radio remote control.

CLAR lumi max 180W constant light

Studio quality flash with remote wireless TTL for Nikon & Canon. The most comprehensive self-contained full featured 600ws strobe & High Speed Sync.

Green screen suit & glove

Green bodysuit/Morphsuit are the secret behind the tricks performed in movies by making subjects disappear. Green suits are high quality, manageable full cover, breathable design.

Directors chair

This is our premium director’s chair featuring premium materials, heavy duty construction & extra wide seat. Made of durable beech wood & stainless steel hardware.

backdrop support system

Multi-function use system. Professional lightweight pipe & drape support stand for professional photography. with multiple solid color backdrops.

V-flat board

Foldable Black/White V-Flats by V-Flat World is a fresh take on the well known V-Flat. The V-Flat is white on one side to reflect & black on the opposite side to block add or subtract light.

paper backdrop 9ft x 36ft

Multi-function Use. Professional lightweight pipe & drape support stand for professional photography with multiple solid color backdrops.

safety cables

Steel cable ensures fixtures don’t fall Includes a carabiner to safely hook onto most fixtures.

duckbill clamp

Made from high quality materials These Duck clamps are easy to use and have a premium gripping quality. This clamp is ideal for positioning foam core or bead board, and weighs around 2 lbs.

scrim frame

12X12 & 8×8 Butterfly Scrim Kit tackles daunting lighting to bathe a vast area, without special modifiers on the source. It receives your light & diffuses direct light into a gentle & controllable source.

clamp light mount

Strong jaws that open from 0.51 to 2.16″ can support up to 33lbs & lock securely. It has 1/4″-20 female threads & a dual-locking 5/8″ hexagonal female receiver for studs & other 5/8″ male accessories.

TV tether system

Tethered workflow is improved collaboration. Move an image seamlessly from your camera to a 50 inch Tv. Gives photographers visibility to fine details of shots focus, color, shadows & more.

white craft paper 30ft

Keep Cyc Wall or Green Screen floor clean for shots by using craft paper to walk on or any other purposes.

product cube plus shapes

Professional prop shooting shape for your professional visuals by adding varying height & depth to your set.

big ben clamp

A cheeseboro-type clamp with a 1-1/8″ pin attached. It serves multiple purposes & can be used with a pipe having a diameter of 1-1/4 to 1-1/2″ as a temporary overhead grid.

baby pipe clamp with 5/8" pin

Unique hook molded into the clamp which keeps it on the pipe even with a light fixture attached, while the bolt is being tightened. Terminates in a 5/8″ pin & has a safety chain & cotter pin attached.

director megaphone

Handheld public address system that amplifies the human voice like an acoustic megaphone, using electric power. Direct with style.

impact 22" beauty dish reflector kit

22″ Beauty Dish with a deflector, diffusion sock & a honeycomb grid. The kit is configured to provide photographers with a creative means to augment this unique light shaping tool.


Hitachi Projector is capable of displaying 3,000 Lumens at its brightest setting with a native resolution of 1280×800. Delivers vibrant images with better color brightness & wider color gamut.

tripod speaker stand holder mount

Pyle provides safe & reliable speaker placement with reinforced steel support construction perfect for on-stage or in-studio use. It only weighs 6.25 lbs. with a rubber capped tripod feet base

sudotack podcasting condenser & mic

The mic gives you up to 24bit/192khz bit sample rate. Your recordings will be crystal clear. It has a wide frequency response (30 hz to 16khz) & provides superb sound reproduction quality for high-resolution audio

RGB ring light

Ideal for creating live videos, vlogging, video chats, social media, health, beauty & more! The kit has a ball head adapter which allows flexibility when moving the ring light for ideal placements.

the zoom H6 6-Track

Most advanced portable recorder ever. H6 Recorder is designed to have the tools you need most while performing. Great for live recording as well as studio-quality music, filmmaking, & production

standard-7- reflector

Standard modifier used to shape & control the spread of light. Light can be focused into tighter beams using the optional honeycomb grids.

glow grid various degrees

Honeycomb Grid for Flashpoint Monolights. Used for strobes with reflectors for lighting. Set of four from 10° to 40°, transforms ordinary reflector into a dramatic light modifier.

flashpoint R2 mark II TTL Transmitter

2.4GHz R2 Radio Remote System. Works with AF assist Nikon, Sony or Canon & complete family of Flashpoint Speedlights, Monolights & Strobe lights with unrivaled R2 TTL radio transceiver built in.

50' stinger extension cord with box

Heavy duty extension cord is built by hand & features a male to female Leviton 5269C & 5266C nylon 15 amp, 60hz, 2 pole, 3 wire grounded professional AC plugs. 4 plug box.

50' stinger

Heavy duty extension cord is built by hand & features a male to female Leviton 5269C & 5266C nylon 15 amp, 60hz, 2 pole, 3 wire grounded professional AC plugs.

Fog machine

Fog Machine, 500W Portable Led Smoke Machine with Wireless Remote Control, Three-Color Smoke Machine.

lav mics

Built-In Omni Mics & 3.5mm Mic Inputs 2 x Mini Clip-On Transmitters/Recorders Records 7 Hours of Uncompressed Audio. Stereo or Dual-Mono Output Modes

conical snoot

Gobos and color gel could be used together. Focus ring design can make projection clear

supon snoot

SUPON Aluminum Alloy Conical Studio Snoot Kit with Honeycomb Grid & 5pcs Color Gels.

Premium Extras

2018 lamborghini huracan spider

Rent the Lambo for your next shoot or video to enhance your content to use with our huge Cyc Wall space. Lambo has built in ground effects kit to enhance your experience with colored leds.

paint cyc wall as green screen

Paint our huge Cyc Wall Chroma Green to use for bigger production wider shoots or if you need more actors in sceen.

throne chairs

Rent to enhance your video or photoshoots. Single & double chairs available in black, white & red.
The NJF Studios Cyclorama Wall is approximately 1600sq ft. (20′ x 30′ x 50′)
A Cyclorama Wall is a curved wall used as a background of a set to suggest unlimited space.
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